hair products & why they cost so much?

it takes a lot to create a good product that actually works on a daily basis without leaving buildup or residue on the hair. there are many factors that add costs to creating a product. i do not own my own product, but would love to guide you so you can find good hair products. i’ve discussed in previous posts about ingredients that are not good for your hair like silicones, parabens and sulfates.

here is a simple breakdown of the expenses to create a single product:

1) the chemist will charge you to create a formula

2) lab fees to convert a formula into an actual product

3) packaging plant to put it into the bottle

4) the bottle will cost you anywhere from 20¢-50¢

5) the cap 10¢-30¢

6) the label about 30¢

7) graphic designer to create the label

8) shipping the product to the distributor or retailer like Target, CVS, etc

9) someone has to be paid to monitor this process

10) legal fees

11) accounting

12) and so many more fees that we are not aware of

so when you see it on the shelf at Target for $10, you know they bought it for wholesale price of about $4-$5

this means you have in the $10 product about 25¢ of ingredients!

it is impossible to create a quality product with such cheap ingredients. when they use low end ingredients, it lowers the price of the product to save you money, but you won’t get the full effect of a product that has high end ingredients. instead of buying a $10 product that won’t hydrate your hair and in fact, will actually hurt your hair in the long run, spend a few more dollars and get something that you know will give your hair the nutrients it needs to properly cleanse, hydrate and style. i always ask my clients if they would rather have 20 crappy cars or 1 really good reliable car. the crappy cars will need more maintenance, give you more trouble than they are worth and eventually will end up costing you more in the long run just like using low end hair products that won’t give you the results and leave heavy buildup on your hair. buildup is not good for your curls because it creates a barrier around the hair shaft preventing moisture from penetrating the hair and will leave the hair limp, dull, brittle and lead to severe breakage due to lack of hydration.

also we have to understand that hair texture is not about a race. i think it’s funny when a product line will say that it’s good for African-American hair, or Latin hair or Asian hair, etc.

hair textures varies from person to person. each one of us has different issues with our hair and they need to be addressed to the individual needs.

the most important thing you can do is read the list of ingredients and if you are not sure what they mean, search for them online. 

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19 May 2014 ·

why haircuts will make your hair longer

you want long hair? you want to maintain your length? you’re enjoying how your hair has been looking lately? well, you are the right path. be good to your hair by doing what has been recommended to you by your trusted stylist.

neglect is the number one cause of damaged hair. your hair grows and with time it starts to weaken with age. the longer the hair is, the longer it has been on your head and the weaker it becomes. everyone has split ends and you can’t avoid them. they happen to the best of us. you can’t stop this from happening but you can minimize it and keep it under control.

trimming your ends on a regular basis is the best way to stop the splitting of your of your hair further down the hair shaft. unfortunately frequent trims don’t make your hair grow faster, but they minimize the damaged ends so you can maintain as much of your length as possible. the ideal time in between haircuts for curly hair is 3-4 months. it’s true that some curly girls can go longer, but they will just have to cut more hair each time making that trim a little more dramatic. by getting your ends trimmed on a regular basis, you keep the split ends under control.

your split ends are very weak and porous. they don’t hold on to moisture properly so they dry a lot faster than the rest of your healthier hair. trying to coat them with more product will only weigh them down. this hair is a lot more difficult to style and keeping it looking polished is more challenging. the split ends will also be more frizzy. 

the main reason i prefer to trim curly hair dry is because i can see the split ends better. this is the reason i request from my curly girls to have their hair freshly washed the morning of so i can examine the condition of their hair and the ends. by trimming it dry, i have a lot more control of how much hair will be trimmed. as opposed to the traditional wet haircuts where you have to take big sections and remove bulk. it’s impossible to see exactly which curls are being trimmed when the hair is wet and stretched out completely. you can see exactly how much of your ends are split when the hair is dry. 

don’t be afraid of regular trims. if your stylist is educated on curly hair, you should benefit from the tiny trims of the split ends. the dry haircut allows us to see exactly how much of your ends are dry. this is the best way to allow your hair to maintain as much length as possible. it has also been very helpful and effective with girls that want to grow their hair longer. you want length? then you should take care of what is already on your head by keeping it healthy and removing the bad ends.

if you do the math and break down the 3-4 haircuts you should be getting in one year over 12 months, you will realize you will be paying a very small fee to maintain your hair.

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20 April 2014 ·

@santinihoudini trim & treatment (at Capella Salon)

@santinihoudini trim & treatment (at Capella Salon)

17 April 2014 ·


this is really important if you are getting a haircut for your curly hair.
please read it carefully.
I prefer to cut curly hair dry and this technique is specifically designed for curly hair. This haircut is best for people who wear their hair curly most of the time, if not all of the time, and people making the transition from straight styling to rocking their natural curl. In preparation for your appointment, please follow these simple instructions:
1. As mentioned above, this is a DRY haircut. Fresh hair is best, so we prefer that you freshly wash your hair the day of your appointment and please be sure to give yourself enough time so that it is dry by the time you come in.
2. Please style your hair as you normally would, curly. Feel free to use any styling products that DO NOT contain Shea Butter/shea moisture or oils such as aragan, coconut, and olive. These products will coat your hair and will not allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.
3. I need to see as much curl as possible. DO NOT put your hair up in any clips, hats, ponytails, braids, buns, headbands, or anything else that my stretch your curl out.
4. Please make sure that your hair has no tangles so we can give you the best possible haircut. Use your fingers to separate your hair in the shower with conditioner. This is really important.
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15 April 2014 ·

electricgrey said: I roller set my curly hair when I do like to see it straight...what's the safest way to switch up from curly to straight. I do it once every 3 months to see my length

Low heat but it will still damage

15 April 2014 ·

astoldbygabbi said: Hi, I'm a high school student from philly and I play basketball. I want to wear my hair curly again, but I'm not sure how to go about wearing it curly while being an athlete. I don't want to mess up my curls every day, and I love to wear my hair down. I hate having to straighten my hair not only for basketball but for the winter. What do you recommend doing? I desperately want to wear my curls all year round.

Put it up in a loose bun called pineapple

15 April 2014 ·

misluckee said: I want to love my curls. My big problem is my thin hair. I would love to have full defined curls. I've recently cut my hair into a "bob" haircut trying to hide my natural curls with a straighten look. I can't come to terms with putting heat in my hair every week. Can you recommend a product to cut the frizz, elongate and define my curls. I want to rock my beautiful girls. I want my curls to love me because I think they hate me for tryin to change them.

Stop burning it with heat

15 April 2014 ·

ageracedistancedontmatter said: Hiii :) I read your blog and I was wondering you said don't brush curls Soo how do I brush my hair ? Or do I not? Do I just leave it and what do I use instead of waxes and oils ?

Paraben, silicone & sulfate free & make sure it’s water soluble
Use your fingers in shower with conditioner

15 April 2014 ·

dear-nay said: Shai! It's Naami :) I just read your post about heat damage. I never straighten my hair intentionally but sometimes when I have a photo shoot that requires my hair to be straight they will straighten it. I hate it but sometimes it's a necessity. What can I do to get my hair back to normal afterwards?

Lots & lots of conditioner but heat damage is a permanent effect, sorry!

15 April 2014 ·

ednitaenrique said: Hello can you tell me how often I shall wash my hair I do it everyday and tend to use a lot of product I use deva curl no poo and cond but it gets expensive?

Once or twice a week

15 April 2014 ·

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